SG Community shares funding channels with analysis supported by the Team

As a smart consumer, it’s always a good idea to weigh your purchase options to get the best value - you’d want to make sure it's ‘Wu Hua’ (local dialect: ’worth it’), right?

Here’s a shout out to our enthusiastic Singapore community, who has shared some of the effective ways users can top-up their wallets via IBANs in EUR in the App, adding more value to the everyday use of their MCO Visa Card.

Riding on this, did further research and compiled an analysis to show the differences of each funding channel.  The goal is to help users better understand which top-up method works best to their preferences:

For high amount transfers (over $100 SGD):
InstaRem has lower service fees and FX margin. It also has its own reward program (InstaPoints), which users can earn points with each transaction.

For small amount transfers (less than $100 SGD):
DBS Remit does not charge any service fees, and the FX margin will cost users less in absolute dollar terms with small amount transfers. It is generally the fastest top-up channel for Singapore users with a DBS bank account.

For instant transfers:
Purchase cryptocurrencies in the App by debit/credit card (at a significantly lower fee of 3.5%). Users can then instantly top up their wallet by converting cryptocurrency to fiat. For details on transfer limits, please check under in Fees & Limits under Settings in the App.

For a breakdown of the top-up channels details, please refer to the table below:

We hope our Singapore users find this analysis useful, as we continue to work on partnerships to make wallet top-up easier and quicker!

Note: The above comparisons are for user’s reference only. does not impose any fees on the use of the funding channels. Users may be subjected to charges as well as changes in the fees scheme by the channels.

If you have further thoughts and ideas about wallet top-up methods in Singapore, do share with us here!