We are happy to announce that Canis Major - Phase I of the Crypto.org Chain is now live. It will support NFT operations natively on the Crypto.org Chain, including minting, transfer and burn. We are working on integrating Crypto.com/NFT and Crypto.com DeFi Wallet, which will introduce the transfer and trading of NFTs in the next few weeks.

The governance proposal to enable the NFT module on the Crypto.org Chain upgrade has passed, with 99.9% voting for ‘Yes’ and more than 74% of the 3.5B staked CRO token have voted.

Visit https://crypto.org/explorer/proposal/4 for details.

“Canis Major: The Beginning” is the first NFT that was minted after Canis Major - Phase 1 of the Crypto.org Chain went live.

Go to https://crypto.org/explorer/nfts/tokens/canismajor1/beginning for details.

See the full Intergalactic Roadmap of the Crypto.org Chain here.