CRO Airdrop distribution is commencing on 9 December 2019

In recognition of the MCO community, the CRO Airdrop was announced in Nov 2018 and the first monthly airdrop will be unlocked as scheduled with the distribution of CRO Airdrop commencing on 9 December 2019.

Updates to Airdrop Mechanics:
The CRO airdrop amount entitled is calculated based on the previously published rules (minimum MCO balance over 12 months as a % of MCO snapshot balance on the initial airdrop date). The monthly CRO Airdrop will be distributed to users’ CRO wallet at Exchange on a daily basis throughout the month. For example, if a user is entitled to 3,000 CRO in a certain month for CRO Airdrop, they will receive 100 CRO everyday in the CRO wallet with Exchange (for a 30-day month).

Upon successful sign up on the Exchange, the distributed CRO Airdrop balance will be reflected in users’ CRO Wallet with the Exchange.

What to Expect

  • On the first day of each calendar month (except starting on 9 Dec for the month of December 2019), there will be a transaction record “CRO Airdrop Adjustment” in the transaction history to reflect adjustments made to calculate final eligible airdrop for unlock (per the airdrop rules above).
  • Tap the transaction record to view the details of the adjustment, including the Minimum MCO Balance, Original CRO Airdrop, Final Airdrop Amount, and the amount of CRO Airdrop Adjusted:
  • A new transaction record “CRO Airdrop to Exchange” will be shown in the transaction history of the CRO Wallet in the app, reflecting the successful deposit of unlocked airdrop to the Exchange wallet. Tap the transaction record to view the details, including the CRO:USD rate, USD Value of the CRO unlocked, and CRO Airdrop to receive per day throughout the month.

The balance of CRO Airdrop to Exchange is also available for viewing on to the desktop version of the Exchange.  The same balance will also be reflected in the Exchange Wallet inside the App.

Please see the frequently asked questions about the CRO Airdrop Unlock.