(updated 26 April 2020)

Here’s the 10 leading CRO Net Buys Volume Traders in our current CRO Trading Battle. Keep it up to get your share of $10,000 USD in CRO and win the 1 BTC Special Bonus!  

$CRO Trading Battle

CRO Net Buy Traders Leaderboard

(as of 2020/04/27 00:00 UTC)

27 April 2020 00:00 UTC

25 April 2020 18:00 UTC

*The % shown here indicates the % of a specific user’s CRO net buy volume out of the total CRO net buy volume as of the last update date and time.

23 April 2020 18:00 UTC

23 April 2020 00:00 UTC

22 April 2020 00:00 UTC

21 April 2020 00:00 UTC

Prizes of the CRO Trading Battle

  1. CRO Net Buys Volume Battle
  • Grand prize: $2,000 USD in CRO
  • Second prize: $1,200 USD in CRO
  • Third prize: $800 USD in CRO
  • Fourth prize: $600 USD in CRO
  • Fifth prize: $400 USD in CRO
  • Remaining eligible participants: share $5,000 USD in CRO

2. BTC Special Bonus Lucky Draw

  • All eligible participants will enter the lucky draw. One randomly selected eligible participant will receive 1 BTC

Stay tuned for more trading battles coming up in the Trading Arena!  

Note: CRO rewards will be issued within 14 days after the campaign ends. Winners can log in and see the prize in their Crypto.com Exchange CRO wallet section.