We’ve recently introduced two new ways to get yield with CRO: DeFi Swap and Supercharger, delivering 50%+ yield and 25%+ yield respectively, in addition to the 100%+ yield available on The Syndicate. As of today, CRO yield rates for Flexible Staking, 1 and 3 month terms (on Earn), Exchange Soft Staking, and 6 month staking (on Crypto.com Card & The Exchange) are updated as follows:

  • Exchange soft staking: 1%
  • Earn Flexible term: 1%
  • Earn 1 month term: 2%
  • Earn 3 month term: 4%
  • Card & Exchange 6 month stake: 6%

Rates are effective as of 13 October 2020, 09:00 UTC and apply to new terms via Crypto.com App Earn, Crypto.com Card staking, and staking on the Exchange.

Crypto.com Earn can generate yield on CRO and many other coins + stable coins with three term options: flexible, 1-month and 3-month. Download our App to get started.

To access 6-month staking terms for higher yield options, create an account on The Exchange, or stake with your Crypto.com Card in the App.


Supercharger: No Lockup, 25%+ Yield
Supercharger is a simple, flexible and secure liquidity mining platform for the most popular DeFi projects. There is no lockup period – users can deposit and withdraw any time – and no gas fees. Supercharger currently features Uniswap (UNI) with a $500,000 USD allocation. Users can deposit CRO tokens into the Supercharger pool between 8:00AM 30 September -  8:00AM 30 October 2020 UTC, and will receive UNI tokens as rewards.

Sign up for The Exchange to participate in Supercharger and earn CRO Yield.

The Syndicate: 7 Day Lockup, 100%+ Yield
Available to Crypto.com Exchange users, The Syndicate events are held bi-weekly, offering the opportunity to get coins from the most promising projects at 50% off! The next event will be held on Tuesday, 20 October 2020 at 6am UTC, featuring EGLD at 50% off with a $500,000 USD Allocation.

Learn more about The Syndicate.

DeFi Swap: Choose 1 Month or up to 4 Year Lockup, 50%+ Yield
DeFi Swap is the best place to swap and farm DeFi coins, powered by CRO. With DeFi Swap, Liquidity Providers can boost their yield up to 20x by staking CRO.

Find out how much APY you could be earning on DeFi Swap.

CRO yield rates listed for The Syndicate, Supercharger and DeFi Swap are estimated and may evolve based on users' participation.