One of tenets is to provide timely updates to our community in the spirit of full transparency. Today, we are sharing an update to our internal governance mechanisms in respect of Coin (CRO).

As set out in the CRO Whitepaper:

20% of all CRO is held as Reserve
Wallet Address: 0x22e4f709fd5e7fe246fbf7e714ae 89bdab7e2a5d

20% of all CRO is set aside for Network Long-Term Incentives
Wallet Address: 0x71507ee19cbc0c87ff2b5e05d161 efe2aac4ee07

20% of all CRO is earmarked for Ecosystem Grants
Wallet Address: 0xdda508f9f3c1b4ca39c8794df3a 080298ebe9c55

We have decided to take the following actions:

  1. Both Long Term Incentives Wallet & Reserve Wallet will be frozen for 3 years (until November 7th 2022);
  2. CRO Ecosystem Grant Wallet will be frozen until Mainnet launch.

This brings the effective total supply down to 40B CRO, with clearly specified 5-year token release schedule, giving the community complete visibility in terms of token supply in the coming years.

- Team