In this Dev Update, we would like to share the latest on node deployments, SDK and documentation. We are happy to see that more people are joining our community and participating in the Testnet. We will continue to improve our ecosystem to facilitate integration and adoption.

Microsoft Azure “one-click” Deployment

We have been always thinking about making the node deployment process easier for everyone. Today, we are excited to announce that one-click deployment of Thaler Testnet nodes are now available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace. With only a few steps, you can deploy a fully functional validator node or full node connecting to the latest Thaler Testnet!

We hope this new deployment method can give early adopters a quick and easy way to try our Testnet and can act as a template to deploy multiple nodes with ease. With Microsoft Azure cloud architecture support, you can customize the infrastructure to secure your nodes and scale with more resources to meet your needs. Do follow the instructions on our chain documentation to get started!

Ledger App Open Source

Ledger Hardware wallet support is a very important milestone for chain adoption by providing a way to keep your funds safe. We have been working on our own Ledger App and today we are open sourcing our Ledger App GitHub repository.

The application is in its development stage. It now supports all the staking account related operations and generates transfer and staking addresses on our latest Thaler Testnet v0.5. In the future we will support more operations.

Note: The project is still under development so please avoid using actual funds when experimenting.

Node.js Library Available on NPM

We have published our Node.js library onto the Node Package Manager (NPM). You can now install our library by simply typing `npm install @crypto-com/chain-nodelib`. The library is shipped with all the TypeScript type hints and method descriptions to facilitate integration.

Next, we will be releasing the API documentation of the Node.js library. Please stay tuned for this via Twitter and Dev updates.

Technical Whitepaper Updates

The Chain technical whitepaper is updated to v.0.6: This update includes enhanced detail on the hybrid transaction accounting model, incentive mechanism for the council nodes, the signature schemes and its applications. In addition, the general whitepaper is also updated this month, providing an overview of Chain (other products & services offered by, which are suitable for the general public.

Increase in Thaler Testnet Validators

We are happy to see that more validators have been participating in our Thaler Testnet. Since the last update, we have 12 new council nodes joining our testnet network to further enhance its robustness. Kindly fill in this form If you would like to participate in the network and host a council node, or simply become part of our technical community by joining our gitter channel.

New GitHub Activities Page

We have released our brand new GitHub activities website. The new activities page has visualized our latest development activities with diagrams and statistics and serves as a portal for developers to engage with our open source projects. Your contributions are welcome and we look forward to receiving your contributions soon!

Revamped Chain Documentation

Apart from the new activities page, we have revamped our chain documentation with re-organized content and new design.

If you are new to Chain and would like to try to set-up a node, make sure to check out the Getting Started section, which has more detailed steps now and also covering our latest Azure “one-click” deployment. If you want to learn more about the Chain protocol, you can take a look at Protocol Design. We hope the new design will make our documentation more comprehensive to everyone.

Coming Up Next

Stay tuned to our next developers’ update and we will share more on these topics:

API Documentation

To facilitate integration with our ClientRPC wallet server and Node.js library, we are in the midst of preparing the API documentation.

Sample Desktop Wallet Revamp

Two months ago, we updated our sample chain wallet to support our latest Testnet, and we are working on the next phase of revamping the wallet to better demonstrate how wallet solutions can integrate with the ClientRPC server.

Next Testnet Release

In our next version of the Thaler Testnet, we will be migrating to use Fortanix Enclave Development Platform for the SGX enclave integration, as well as rolling out obfuscation key rotation mechanism with Transaction Data Bootstrapping Enclave. Please stay tuned for the network upgrade.