In this update, we are excited to share the following new releases:

  • Early alpha version of the public testnet;
  • Sample code for building graphical wallet software;
  • Sample code for demonstrating the threshold multi-signature functionality in the “Proof of Goods & Services Delivered” use case;
  • Updated Chain general whitepaper and technical whitepaper.

Early Alpha Public Testnet is Live!

In the spirit of transparent sharing and continuous improvement, we have deployed the early alpha version of the Chain public testnet. We welcome public testing to help make the code more robust. To get started, you may follow the steps below:

  1. Find out what is included in this version of release in our changelog;
  2. Build and run one of wallet options and create a transfer address to receive testnet coins;
  3. Visit the testnet blockchain explorer on and request testnet coins in the faucet;
  4. Try running some of the sample code we have published (see details below);
  5. Follow the steps here to run a full node on your machine (note: only Linux is supported).

We call on our community and bug bounty hunters to help identify bugs in Chain. In case you spot a bug, please report via the mechanism below:

  • If the bug is related to security, please read our disclosure policy. We will update a campaign on our HackerOne page with more information on how to submit reports regarding security bugs found on the Chain public testnet. Stay tuned!
  • If the bug is not related to security, please open an issue on GitHub.

Sample GUI Wallet Code

As mentioned in dev update #3, we developed a sample code of the graphical user interface (GUI). You can access this code here. We prepared a short documentation how to build and run the sample wallet.

Note that this sample wallet is for demonstration purposes only - do not transfer your ERC20 tokens to it. For safe, easy and direct access to your coins, we have something else in the pipeline that you will hear about soon.

Proof of Goods & Services Delivered Demo

As discussed in dev update #2, we use a form of compact threshold multi-signatures in Chain. We developed a sample code here showcasing how this functionality can be used in the context of Pay’s “Proof of Goods & Services Delivered”, a concept mentioned in the Chain general whitepaper and technical whitepaper.

Whitepaper Updates

We have updated the Chain general whitepaper and technical whitepaper. For more detailed technical descriptions & tutorials, you may also visit Chain's online technical documentation first mentioned in dev update #4.

Ongoing Bounty Program

Some of our bounties on BountySource are still in effect and we welcome more submissions. We would like to give a massive thanks to Sythanis for his amazing on-going work of porting Rust SGX SDK to have reproducible builds using Bazel, Google’s robust build system.

Next Steps

We are excited to release the early alpha testnet version ahead of the planned timeline. In the coming months, you may expect more iterations, as we add more functionalities and fix any issues identified. Once the code reaches the next level of maturity & completeness, we will invite our partners to join the testnet operation as the next step.

If you are interested in operating a Chain Council Node in future phases of the testnet, feel free to reach out to us on our community Gitter channel.