, 领先的支付与区块链资产平台,今日宣布Crypto.com链( Chain,CRO)热烈欢迎7家业内领先平台加入成为批次验证节点伙伴。

这7家早期验证伙伴将在 Crypto.com链( Chain, CRO)的Thaler测试网中(以及稍后发布的主网)承担理事会节点的角色。理事会节点负责进行交易结算和验证。

本次的验证伙伴分别是:火币矿池、OKEx矿池、Staked, Allnodes、StakeCube, Chainflow 及 MyCointainer 。Crypto.com链( Chain, CRO)是支持扫码支付的高性能区块链解决方案,让用户能在任何地方通过区块链资产支付及收款,从而推动全球区块链资产的普及。Crypto.com链真正实现区块链技术的愿景,旨在确保所有用户对资金,数据和身份信息实现充分掌控。


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About Staked

Staked is the leading provider of technical infrastructure for proof-of-stake networks. Staked helps secure 16 proof-of-stake networks on behalf of leading crypto investors, ensuring they securely and reliably earn their block rewards. For more information please visit:

About Allnodes

Allnodes is a platform, which provides non-custodial Staking and Masternodes services and allows you to Stake coins or host Masternode in a few clicks, monitoring rewards, statuses and other useful information. Allnodes is a leading Masternodes hosting service on the market (based on available data sources) ranked #1 by a total value of hosted Masternodes, exceeding the $38M mark. For more information please visit:

About StakeCube is a user-focused crypto ecosystem. Easily earn automated rewards on 40+ Cryptoassets including native coin (SCC) adding utility, plus incentives to platform members. Since launch in June 2018, StakeCube has grown beyond 27000 active users. The ecosystem combines a wide range of services, from shared pools & masternode hosting to integrated exchange, airdrops, lottery, game place, academy, and more. The StakeCube team actively develops new features in strong collaboration with their users and members. For more information please visit:

About Chainflow

Chainflow operates highly available and secure validators to provide inclusive, fair and equitable staking services for everyone. Chainflow's run an active Cosmos Validator since genesis and runs validators on other PoS networks like Livepeer. For more information please visit:

About MyCointainer

MyCointainer’s aim is to provide extremely easy to use products that allow everyone to take advantage of rewards distributions in the decentralized economy. For more information please visit:


Crypto.com成立于2016年,其愿景是希望能加速全球经济对区块币资产的转型。主要产品包括: 以加密货币购买、出售和支付的最佳平台- Crypto.com手机钱包App; 无年费的金属卡- MCO Visa预付卡; 以及能让用户在任何地方免费支付各种加密货币的区块币技术- Crypto.com币。Crypto.com的总部设于香港,並拥有150多人的强大团队。如欲了解更多资讯,请浏览