A major milestone for the Thaler Testnet on our road to mainnet

We are excited to unveil the new Crypto.com Chain website along with an upgraded Crypto.com Chain Explorer 2.0. The revamped websites are more developer-friendly and enable the open-source community to engage with the Chain project more effectively and transparently.

By allowing anyone to review the Thaler Testnet on-chain activity, including council node staking and governance, the new Chain Explorer marks an important milestone on our road to mainnet and supports our decentralized and permission-less vision for the network.

The new dedicated Chain Website aims to be:

  • Developer-friendly: A one-stop-shop to access Chain developer resources
  • Engaging: Allow developers, enthusiasts, and partners to stay tuned to our latest community updates
  • Easy-to-contribute: Developers can get involved in our open-source ecosystem and contribute to upcoming releases

Upgrades on the enhanced Chain Explorer 2.0:

  • UX-friendly: The explorer is now mobile-responsive with added filters in the blocks and transaction tables. We have also introduced an on-chain data indexing service to ease your search for all public information ranging from blocks, transactions, events, staking accounts to council nodes.
  • Comprehensive: We have enriched the on-chain data in addition to our existing transactions and blocks data -
  • Each council node has its own page to monitor the on-chain activities (rewards, join, unbond, etc)
  • Support displaying different transaction types (transfer, deposit, unbond, etc) with publicly available details.
  • Dedicated table and detail pages of transactions, council-nodes, events, blocks highly facilitate user’s searching, filtering for the target block, and transaction.

    Stay tuned for more updates on Crypto.com Chain!


Crypto.com Chain is a high-performing blockchain powering the QR Code payment solution Crypto.com Pay, which allows users to pay or get paid in crypto anywhere using their mobile phone. Crypto.com Chain truly fulfills the vision of the blockchain technology by providing people with the ability to regain control of their money, data and identity.