Seeks to prevent compromise from privileged software and many hardware-based attacks, the pioneering payments and cryptocurrency platform,  today announced that its Chain, the ground-breaking crypto mobile payment public blockchain, has received its Commercial License from Intel®  for the use of Intel® Software Guard Extensions (SGX) in its Trusted Execution Environments (TEE)  to achieve a high performance, secure and privacy-protected network. Chain Nodes are designed to run in secure enclaves of TEEs (such as Intel® SGX) and are extended CPU instruction sets that isolate code executed in an enclave from the host operating system in hardware-encrypted memory. TEEs ensure that even the node administrator cannot see private data that enclave code works with.


In the Chain’s design, TEEs find several compelling use cases:

  • Local and remote attestation: Enables nodes or external parties to verify that the code they plan to interact with is indeed the certified Chain code.
  • Sealing ledger data: While all transaction data can be distributed to any node for processing, humans (even node administrators) cannot view these data in their raw form.
  • “Virtual” hardware wallets: Community nodes can utilize Ledger Trustlet-like software for protecting their private keys.
  • Payment protocol enhancements: TEEs have gained popularity in blockchain systems research, as they can offer high transaction throughputs with low latency.
  • Witnessing external data: For data from oracles or other blockchain networks, TEEs can be used for attesting data authenticity.

Kris Marszalek, Co-founder and CEO of said, “Security is a critical aspect in the path to mainstream adoption, it is the foundation layer in cryptocurrency. We are pleased to receive Intel’s recognition as we continue to build a sound and secure network for Chain.”


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