<HONG KONG, June 3, 2019> — Crypto.com, the pioneering payments and cryptocurrency platform, today announced that its CRO Token – of Crypto.com’s high-performing native blockchain solution Crypto.com Chain – is listing on Bibox Exchange, a leading AI-enhanced global encrypted digital asset exchange. CRO deposits will begin today with trading starting on Bibox tomorrow, June 4, 2019.

The CRO Token runs on top of Crypto.com Chain, a high-performing native blockchain powering Crypto.com Pay, which allows users to pay or get paid in crypto, anywhere.

Kris Marszalek, Co-Founder and CEO of Crypto.com said, “By listing the CRO Token on a global cryptocurrency exchange, we are taking a major step towards realizing our mission to accelerate the world’s transition to cryptocurrencies. We are delighted to make our token more accessible to the global community.”

Jeffrey Lei, CEO of Bibox Exchange said, “Our team is aligned with Crypto.com’s vision of pushing the boundaries of blockchain, and making cryptocurrencies mainstream. We look forward to working with Crypto.com to help power one of the easiest ways for people to use cryptocurrencies in daily life.”

Learn more about the Crypto.com Chain by visiting: crypto.com/chain.

To sign up for Bibox, please click here.


About Bibox

Bibox is a leading high-quality digital asset exchange platform. It has innovatively stabilized transactions and simplified operations by introducing for the first time, AI technology to digital asset exchange, and is thus recognized as the first artificial intelligence platform for digital asset exchange. Since its launch in mid-November 2017, Bibox.com has been widely praised by experts and users for its fair, transparent, safe and stable features. Currently, We have built operating centers in the U.S., Canada, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Switzerland, Estonia, and more countries and regions to better serve its users. For more information, please visit: www.bibox.com.

About Crypto.com

Crypto.com was founded in 2016 to accelerate the world’s transition to cryptocurrency. Key products include: the Crypto.com Wallet & Card App, the best place to buy, sell, and pay with crypto, the MCO Visa Card, a metal card with no annual fees, and the Crypto.com Chain, which enables users to pay and be paid in any crypto, anywhere, for free. Crypto.com is headquartered in Hong Kong with a 120+ strong team. For more information, please visit: www.crypto.com.