We’re excited to introduce ETH Gas Meter and Price Alert in the Crypto.com DeFi Wallet. This handy tool is designed to give users a quick overview of Ethereum network traffic, enabling them to easily track gas prices in real time. Users can also set gas price alerts to get notified when their target price is reached.

To access this new feature, users simply need to tap the ‘ETH Gas Meter’ icon on the upper left hand corner of the home screen (requires version 1.11.0 or above). The estimated ETH gas prices in Gwei are organised into slow, average, and fast network traffic speeds. Each time a user opens this feature, they will see updated gas prices and a meter indicating the network traffic condition.

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Please Note: Gas fees, or network fees, are required for carrying out ETH or ERC20 transactions in the Crypto.com DeFi Wallet App. The ETH network determines the price based on the computational effort that’s required to validate and confirm the transaction. Crypto.com does not charge any network fees.
For more information about the ETH Gas Meter and Price Alert feature, please visit our FAQ.