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Today, Crypto.com Exchange is strengthening its Insurance Fund for Derivatives trading to cover up to USD 5 million. This announcement comes after the successful launch of the Derivatives Exchange with the BTCUSD Perpetual Contract in February.

All Derivatives traders on the Crypto.com Exchange are eligible for this Insurance Fund. The Fund represents the total amount of liquidation fees maintained by Crypto.com. It is designed to cover losses for traders with negative balances in their wallets after liquidation.

As long as the Insurance Fund balance is positive, realised profits can be withdrawn after the settlement for the next trading session. If the Insurance Fund is depleted, any uncovered losses will be socialised among traders with profits at the end of the trading session. The fund size will continue to increase as the platform grows.

Available PERP Pairs (Derivatives):


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User Eligibility
Crypto.com Exchange users need to complete Advanced level verification to use Derivatives trading. Citizens or residents of the excluded jurisdictions listed here are unable to use our Derivatives services at this time.

Important Note on Derivatives Trading
You must seek professional advice regarding your particular situation before conducting derivatives trading. The risk of loss can be substantial. You may lose all or more than the Virtual Assets when trading. You may be called upon at short notice to make additional Virtual Asset contributions. If you do not make such contributions within the prescribed time, your Virtual Assets may be lost without further notice to you. You should therefore carefully consider whether such arrangements are suitable for you in light of your investment objectives, financial circumstances, your tolerance to risks and your investment experience. You should be capable of bearing a full loss of the amounts invested as a result of or in connection with any order and any additional loss over and above the initial amounts invested that may become due and owing by you. In considering whether to trade or invest, or use any derivative trading facility or other service, you should inform yourself and be aware of the risks generally, and in particular should note the specific risk factors which may apply.