(Updated 2 August 2021)

We’re excited to announce the results of the Two-Part Margin Trading Race. All eligible traders who participated before 2 August received a share of the USD 50,000 prize pool, with the Rank 1 participant winning USD 5,000 of CRO!  

Congratulations to all the winners! You will soon receive an email from us.

*The % shown here indicates the % of a specific user’s margin transaction volume out of the total transaction volume as of the last update.

Margin Trading Volume = Margin Trading Buys  + Margin Trading Sells

Margin Trading Race Prizes
Part 1: Eligible users who margin trade at least USD 500 during the campaign period will win a share of USD 20,000 in CRO

Part 2: The top 100 traders ranked by Margin Trading Volume will compete to win a share of USD 30,000 in CRO

Users can be rewarded for both Part 1 and Part 2 of the campaign.

Rewards for the top 100 traders:

Rank by Trading Volume

CRO Prize Per Winner (USD Equivalent)







4th - 10th


11th - 50th


51th - 100th


Please click here for details on the promotion.


  • Rewards will be credited to the winners’/eligible participants’ CRO Wallet in the Crypto.com Exchange within 21 days after the Campaign End Date.