We are excited to announce the 10 users who achieved the highest Margin Points for our Margin Trading Race. Congratulations to all the winners! You will soon receive an email from us.

A big thank you to everyone who took part and made our first Margin Trading Race a success. Missed out? Great news—our second Margin Trading Race commences today! Find out how you can participate for the chance to win USD 10,000 of CRO here.

Margin Trading Race

Margin Points Traders Leaderboard

(as of 31 Dec 2020)
* Margin Trading Points = Margin Trading Volume x CRO Booster. Read more about how CRO Booster is calculated here.

Margin Trading Race Prizes

* Margin Points = Margin Trading Volume** x CRO Booster

** Margin Trading Volume = Margin Trading Buys + Margin Trading Sells

Please visit our blog for details on how to increase your chances of winning by using CRO Booster.


  • Rewards will be credited to the winners’/eligible participants’ BTC Wallet in the Crypto.com Exchange within 2 weeks.