May was another noteworthy and fast-paced month for We became the first cryptocurrency company to receive a Class 3 Virtual Financial Assets (VFA) License from the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA), and the first cryptocurrency exchange to announce the use of CipherTrace's Traveler solution.

In response to rising concerns about the environmental impact of crypto mining, we announced the ambitious goal of becoming carbon negative within the next 18 months. The process, which has been in the works for some time, will be carried out in three phases. We will involve a third-party auditor to offer accountability to users and the general public.

Following the release of our Digimentality report with The Economist Intelligence Unit last April, we published the second annual report to explore the extent to which digital payments are trusted by consumers, and the barriers that still exist for the mainstream adoption of digital monetary functions.

We also announced new partnerships with the 2021 Coppa Italia and the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) World Championship. Special NFTs for both events are now exclusively available on Read on for details about these updates and more.

Highlights: Becomes the First Global Cryptocurrency Platform to Receive a Class 3 VFA Service Provider Licence From the MFSA is proud to announce that it has become the first global cryptocurrency platform to receive a Class 3 Virtual Financial Assets (VFA) License from the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). Users can now enjoy greater ease-of-mind when entrusting their assets with us, as holders of this license are subject to rigorous security, governance, and compliance requirements. Learn more here. Becomes the First Cryptocurrency Exchange to Announce the Use of CipherTrace Traveler has become the first cryptocurrency exchange to use CipherTrace's Traveler, which is the first-ever commercial solution for ensuring compliance with global Anti-Money Laundering (AML) travel rule laws. More details here.’s Climate Commitment announced an ambitious goal of becoming carbon negative within 18 months. We are committed to offsetting more carbon than is generated by all activities across the organisation through a multi-phased approach. Learn more here. Releases Digimentality 2021 with The Economist Intelligence Unit

We are excited to release our second annual report, Digimentality 2021—Digital currency from fear to inflection, with The Economist Intelligence Unit. This report explores the extent to which digital payments are trusted by consumers and the barriers that still exist for basic monetary functions to become predominantly electronic or digital. It compares the attitudes of consumers with a similar survey conducted in 2020, and adds the perspective of corporate and institutional investors. Read the full report here. Becomes the Official Cryptocurrency and NFT Sponsor of the 2021 Coppa Italia

Lega Serie A and announced that they have reached an important partnership agreement for the 2021 Coppa Italia Final. Together, the two organisations will create new experiences for football fans in Italy and beyond, starting with special collectibles that are available exclusively on More details here. Becomes the Official Cryptocurrency and NFT Sponsor of the 2021 International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) World Championship

We announced a two-year sponsorship agreement with the 2021 and 2022 IIHF World Championship. Special collectibles will be created from the IIHF archives, and made available exclusively on Learn more here.

Particle B Accelerator Launches the CRO EVM Fund

We announced that the most requested Chain feature, Ethereum Virtual Machine support, is launching on 14 July. To further support the ecosystem, blockchain accelerator Particle B has announced the CRO EVM Fund, which will grant up to USD 1M to at least 100 projects that are committed to building applications on the Chain. More details about the fund here.

Now on Supercharger: Shiba Token (SHIB)

Shiba Token (SHIB) is now listed on Supercharger. Learn more about the event here. Launches BRL Bank Transfers and Brazilian Portuguese is excited to announce the launch of zero-fee BRL bank transfers and BRL as a payment currency in the App. Brazilian Portuguese is also now available in both the App and Exchange. The new fiat and language integrations mark’s first major step in bringing its ecosystem of crypto products and services to users in Latin America. Find out more here.

CTSI Exclusive Campaign

To celebrate the listing of CTSI in the App, we launched the CTSI Exclusive Campaign. App users who trade CTSI have the chance to win a share of the USD 100,000 prize pool. Campaign details here.

INJ Exclusive Campaign

To celebrate the listing of INJ in the App, we launched the INJ Exclusive Campaign. App users who trade or deposit INJ have the chance to win a share of the USD 50,000 prize pool. Campaign details here.

More Supported Exchanges for Tax Tax has added Gemini, Exchange, and KuCoin to its list of supported exchanges. We now provide native support for 18 wallets, exchanges, and blockchains, where users in the U.S. and Canada can import transaction data with API, CSV upload, and more. Visit to get started.

700K Followers on Twitter

We now have 700K+ followers on Twitter, with 200k followers joining us in the past month! A big thank you to the community—let's keep accelerating the world’s transition to cryptocurrency together. Be sure to follow us on Twitter if you haven’t done so already. Chain Updates:

Governance Proposal for Chain Upgrade Was Live for Voting

At this stage, we are ready to launch Canis Major - Phase I of the Chain, and explore new opportunities to further develop and empower the chain. We have called for community governance to vote on the Chain upgrade. If the proposal passes, the upgrade will be performed on 1 June 2021 at 23:59:00 UTC. The Chain will be paused to allow the majority of validators to upgrade. More details here. Chain (CRO) Partners With Keplr

The Chain is now supported natively by Keplr, with the integration coming soon. Updates: Drops in May

Here are the drops from May:

  • “Dessert Sushi” - CryptoSushis
  • “Excalibur” - Kaganworks
  • “Bad TV” - Ciprian Iacob
  • “Life of a Spaceman” - mrkalopsia
  • “Subliminal Decay” - Dizzy Viper
  • “DreamHackMasters_finalfinal_2.mp4” - ESL Gaming
  • “Ethereal World” - Furstset
  • “Collapsing Reality” - Senbenito
  • “Back to the Roots” - VR ARTISAN
  • “(Un)seen Motions” - clintxvx
  • “Beautiful Mess” - MuffIsHot
  • “Château Noir” - Thomas Dubois
  • “BITTERSWEET” - Bishal
  • “The Tarogramma Archive” - Damien Cifelli
  • “Seven Lions: Worlds” - Seven Lions
  • “Crystal Fantasy” - Tony Lopez MEDIA
  • “Don't be distracted” - micc
  • “Random Eternal Memory” - Digital Art Creation
  • “Revolution” - Kaiwan
  • “Origins - Sculptures” - Panos Pagonis
  • “DREAM BUBBLE” - Natacha Einat
  • “The New Era of Calcio” - Lega Serie A
  • “Light of the Dark” - Murat Akyol
  • “OVERDOSE” - TraumAmnesia
  • “IIHF Legends I”, “IIHF Legends II”, “IIHF Legends III” - IIHF World Championship
  • “Ancient Trinity” - Crypt Couture
  • “ Dessert Sushi” - CryptoSushis
  • “Your Worst Nightmare” - Stefan Koidl
  • “Personality 13” - Paschamo
  • “Amigos Collection” - Zigor
  • “Hidden Faces: Dancers of Istanbul” - Gokalp Gonen

Don’t miss out and check out the latest drops on Capital Updates: Capital Participates in Metacask’s First Fundraising Round Capital is proud to participate in Metacask’s first fundraising round, and support the company on its journey to building a marketplace for whisky cask NFTs. More details here. App Updates: App Lists 20 Tokens

BAKE, RARI, SHIB, ICP, DGB, EPS, MIR, TRB, CSPR, AR, XCH, BUSD, HUSD, GUSD, GHST, IQ, CSTI, INJ, FTM, and POLS have joined the growing list of 100+ cryptocurrencies and stablecoins that are available in the App. Buy crypto at true cost now.

New Deposit and Withdrawal Tokens

RARI, TFUEL, SHIB, MIR, TRB, CKB, STRAX, FORTH, BUSD, HUSD, GUSD, GHST, CSTI, INJ, FTM, and POLS deposits and withdrawals are now supported in the App.

Crypto Earn Adds Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Token (SHIB)

Crypto Earn now supports DOGE and SHIB. Users can receive up to 3% p.a. on their deposits, paid in DOGE and SHIB, respectively, and Private users can earn up to 5% p.a. More details here.

New Tokens for Recurring Buy App users can now automate DOGE, ENJ, COMP, and MANA purchases on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Get started with as little as USD 50. More details here. DeFi Updates: DeFi Wallet Now Supports Polkadot (DOT) DeFi Wallet has added Polkadot (DOT) to its growing list of 100+ DeFi tokens, including ATOM, AAVE, YFI, ETH, BTC, and CRO. With the DeFi Wallet, users can easily send, store, and manage their tokens while retaining full control of their private keys and crypto assets. Learn more here. DeFi Wallet Launches ETH Gas Meter and Price Alert

We’re excited to introduce ETH Gas Meter and Price Alert in the DeFi Wallet. This handy tool is designed to give users a quick overview of Ethereum network traffic, enabling them to easily track gas prices in real time. Users can also set gas price alerts to get notified when their target price is reached. More details here. Exchange Updates:

Introducing Sub-accounts on the Exchange is pleased to share that Sub-accounts are now available for Spot and Margin trading on the Exchange. This feature allows users to create multiple Sub-accounts under the Master Account, so they can trade with independent balances, margin, and positions. Learn more here.

New Leveraged Pairs Added to Margin Trading on the Exchange

We are pleased to announce that Margin Trading now supports 5 new leveraged pairs, namely ETH/BTC, DOGE/BTC, DOGE/USDT, DOT/USDT and UNI/USDT. Margin Trading allows users to amplify their trading profits through borrowed funds during both up and down market movements, and access up to 3x leverage for supported trading pairs. More details here.

Get Up to 100x Leverage for Perpetual Contracts on the Exchange

We are pleased to announce that the Derivatives Exchange now offers leverage of up to 100x for the BTCUSD and ETHUSD Perpetual Contracts. Traders can also enjoy discounted trading fees based on the amount of their CRO Stake in the Exchange.

New Listings on the Exchange

We listed RARI, RSR, AUDIO, SHIB, CKB, FORTH, INJ, CTSI, MIR, TRB, and TFUEL on the Exchange! Trade them now.

Community Updates: COO Eric Anziani and Head of Chain Developer Relations Leslie Cheung on Interchain.FM

Our COO Eric Anziani and Head of Chain Developer Relations Leslie Cheung spoke about our Cosmos-based Chain, and our mission to bring cryptocurrency to every wallet worldwide, on Cosmo’s Interchain.FM episode from 6 May. Watch it here.

AMA With Harmony Protocol

We hosted a live AMA with Stephen Tse, CEO of Harmony Protocol, on 11 May to discuss and answer viewers’ questions about the project. Missed it? Watch it here. Attends Consensus 2021

Our COO Eric Anziani and UK GM Teana Baker-Taylor joined Consensus 2021 to discuss DeFi for everyday people, divergent approaches to crypto regulation, and more. Event details here. Is Accredited and Featured on 8 Protocols’ Official Websites was accredited and featured on the official websites of Digibyte, Nest Protocol, Siacoin, Terra, Everipedia, IOST, Injective Protocol, and Ontology.

Events of the Month:

Flow (RLY) Listed on The Syndicate

RLY was listed on The Syndicate at 50% off, and the event was a success: 29.8X oversubscribed, 240.38K RLY allocated, 23.5M $CRO contributed by 1,725 users with 174.84% APY.