New reward added: $20 USD for each successful Platinum card application has enhanced its referral program further by rewarding users for referring successful MCO Visa Card applicants in Singapore. The program is kicking off in Singapore, where cards are available for shipping. It will reward $20 USD worth of MCO Tokens to users whose friends in Singapore successfully apply and activate their metal MCO Visa Card.

This referral program is in addition to the ongoing Platinum Referral Rewards program, which offers sign-up bonuses for referrals and referral commission for referrers.

Kris Marszalek, Co-founder & CEO of said: "Our beautifully crafted metal Visa card with the best cashback ever and free Spotify is a great conversation starter. We’re keen to continue rewarding our community members for spreading the word about the benefits of using cryptocurrency."

How does it work?

  1. Refer your friend in Singapore to the Wallet & Card App.
  2. Get your friend to sign up for a metal MCO Visa Card.
  3. Once the card is received, your friend will need to complete card activation in the App.
  4. You will then be rewarded $20 USD worth of MCO Tokens.

Please Note:

  1. Not applicable to the Midnight Blue card.
  2. Not limited to referrers from Singapore -  Can be used by any user with friends in Singapore.
  3. The $20 USD worth of MCO Tokens will be credited into your MCO Wallet. This will also be reflected in your Referral Reward - Referral Commission.
  4. The campaign will end on 27th of December 2019, 15:00PM HKT (UTC +8).