Today, we are sharing our roadmap for our planned development of (See Kris' video here.)

We remain focused on the delivery MCO Visa Cards globally, with Asia expansion being followed by US launch and EU rollout. In parallel, we are adding additional bank transfer capabilities and new app features. With Crypto Credit users get access to cash without selling their crypto. We are also adding Crypto Earn which will offer the opportunity to earn interest on your crypto. Wallet, Card, Earn, and Credit together make for a very powerful banking alternative for anyone who holds crypto today.

The Chain is advancing ahead of schedule. We will be open-sourcing an early version of prototype Testnet this week. Ahead, we will have additional merchants announced and the Testnet will go operational. Further down the roadmap, the Mainnet will go live and existing merchants will be migrated over.

We have included two “Moon Stopovers” one for MCO, one for CRO. These are special projects that we will share more details on as they become available to the public. We view these as critically important projects, that will substantially improve’s competitive position in the market. We’re keeping this tightly under wraps due to price-sensitive nature of these announcements.

Our 120+ strong team is working day and night to deliver on this roadmap. We’re very happy with the progress we’re making on weekly basis. Product rollout is going to be supported with multiple growth initiatives led by recently appointed Kasim Zorlu (SVP, Head of Growth). With 400,000 users on the platform today and growing transaction volume, we’re seeing strong indications of rapidly approaching inflection point.

We thank our community for all the support, product improvement suggestions and trust in our team’s ability to deliver. We would never be able to have done it without you.

This roadmap will be incorporated into an updated MCO Whitepaper.