In September, we completed our transition to, introduced multiple new features, redesigned the Wallet and Card app, and presented the Advisory Board as we moved even closer to card launch. Here are the highlights: Completes Transition of Brand Identity

In July, we announced our rebranding to and the transition was completed on September 14 with the launch of our revamped website and the Wallet and Card App.

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On September 26, introduced its six-member Advisory Board that will help guide its future.

Read the full article here Wallet and Card App Updates

A) Shipping Address Verification (Singapore), Increased Crypto Purchase Limits, System Status Page Enabled (iOS 2.18, Android 2.4.0)

On September 6, Shipping Address Verification for customers who have reserved cards in Singapore was enabled on the app. At the same time, Crypto Purchase Limits for credit and debit cards were increased for customers with token lock-up.

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B) Multi-currency Support (iOS 2.20, Android 2.4.2)

On September 21, the multi-currency support feature was enabled on the app where it now has three new display and purchase currencies, namely the British Pound (GBP), Euro (EUR), and Singapore Dollar (SGD). There is now a total of four currencies that users can now select from, including the existing US Dollar (USD).

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C) Unveils Redesigned App (iOS 2.21, Android 2.4.3)

On September 28, refined the Wallet App to improve usability. On the Home Screen, the Total Balance and four Action Buttons (Buy, Sell, Send Deposit) are positioned at the top; Crypto Wallet is expandable for instant overview of the currencies a user holds, while icons are added to each currencies for faster identification. Similarly for Track Coins, the icons are also added, along with the current price and 24-hour performance. There’s also a Bottom Navigation Bar throughout the App.

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MCO Visa Card packaging released a teaser video of the MCO Visa Card packaging, featuring a sleek blue Hexagon shaped box. Watch the video here: Participates in Notable Events

On Sept 13, our Co-founder Bobby and Community Manager Sean Seo attended the Upbit Developer Conference in Jeju Island, South Korea to connect with developers and discuss the latest in blockchain technology.

Our Chief Strategy Officer Eric made his way to Consensus: Singapore 2018 on Sept 18, where he shared insights with industry professionals.

Media Coverage: Featured in South China Morning Post

Hong Kong English language daily, South China Morning Post, published an article entitled “Hong Kong blockchain start-up rolls out Asia’s first cryptocurrency Visa debit card to take on credit cards” on Sept 5, where our Co-Founder and CEO, Kris, was interviewed.

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The University Of Melbourne Published Article on

On Sept 6, The University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Business and Economics released an article titled “Bringing cryptocurrency to every wallet” on its newsroom. Our Co-founder and Head of Corporate Development, Bobby, shared how is changing the financial technology landscape.

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Community Q&A

On Sept 14, the team shared a Q&A video to the community where Kris spoke about card progress, rebranding transition, marketing activities as well as team expansion.

Other Updates

  • MCO Lockup: We ended September with MCO 1.96 million locked up for cards reservations.
  • Blockfolio: Users of the Blockfolio app can now follow MCO on Blockfolio Signal to get prompted and have access to the latest updates from the team.