1 BTC giveaway exclusive for Warzone Wednesday viewers signing up for Crypto.com App

Are you into esports?  For the first time, Crypto.com is sponsoring the smash-hit Twitch series, Warzone Wednesday, hosted by Keemstar, popular YouTuber and host of the show “Drama Alert” with massive social media followership.

Warzone Wednesday is a brand-new weekly video game tournament for Call of Duty. The tournament features some of the biggest streamers and high-profile professional players going head-to-head in the new battle royale title, competing for a prize of $20,000. The upcoming round will go live at 4pm EST on Wednesday, 15 April 2020, on Keempark.com and Keemstar’s Twitch channel.

We will be giving out 1 BTC to one lucky viewer of the upcoming episode of Warzone Wednesday who signs up for the Crypto.com App. Details will be announced live on the show, so watch Warzone Wednesday on 15 April and join the live chat of the tournament for more details.  

Do you know any fans of Call of Duty who haven’t signed up for the Crypto.com App? Share the news with them, catch the upcoming Warzone Wednesday, and don’t forget to share your referral code so both of you get $50 USD!