is supporting the Kyber Network (KNC) Token Migration.

Deposit and Withdrawal Suspension
KNC deposits and withdrawals will be temporarily suspended on 4 June 2021, 02:00 UTC.

KNCL-KNC Migration Details
The old token, re-labelled as KNC Legacy (KNCL), will no longer be available. Your balance will be migrated to the new token, which will retain the original ticker, KNC. KNC remains an ERC20 token.

New KNC Token Contract: 0xdeFA4e8a7bcBA345F687a2f1456F5Edd9CE97202

Migration Ratio: 1-to-1 (1 KNCL token will be migrated to 1 new KNC token)

After the migration is complete, we will only support KNC on our platform.

KNC trading will not be affected by the migration. KNC deposits and withdrawals will be enabled once the network proves to be stable. Go to for updates.

For more details about this token migration, please refer to the Kyber Network team’s KNC Migration Guide.