will be supporting the Stratis (STRAT) Token Swap to STRAX, which will take place on 12 November 2020, as the STRAT blockchain will be replaced with a new STRAX blockchain.

Trading Suspension
STRAT trading will be suspended in the App on 7am UTC on 12 November 2020, and all trading pairs will be delisted.

STRAX Token Swap
A snapshot of STRAT balances will be captured at 7am UTC on 12 November 2020 and STRAX tokens will be distributed to all eligible users at a ratio of 1 STRAT = 1 STRAX.

All STRAT tokens in the App will be automatically swapped and deposited into users’ spot accounts by 18 November 2020.

Trading of the new STRAX/BTC, STRAX/CRO, STRAX/USDM and STRAX/USDT trading pairs will be available from 10am UTC on 18 November 2020.

For details of the token swap, please refer to STRAX Token Swap.