It was definitely “not a boring movie” at the 117th Web Wednesday held in Hong Kong.

Over 150 guests joined the networking community’s first social mixer of the year to catch CEO Kris Marszalek and Liquid CEO Mike Kayamori as they shared their outlook on the cryptocurrency industry.

(From left: CEO Kris Marszalek, Liquid CEO Mike Kayamori & Web Wednesday Founder Napoleon Biggs.

In a lively banter with Web Wednesday founder and host Napoleon Biggs, Kris and Mike talked about what 2019 and the future holds for crypto from a consumer service’s perspective as well as from a standpoint of a cryptocurrency exchange.

They also took on rapid-fire questions from the audience involving topics such as community engagement, regulation, security, and market trends. (Watch the full video here)

Many guests leveraged on the opportunity to pick the brains of Kris and Mike at the event. They also took the chance to build connections with industry professionals as well as blockchain and crypto enthusiasts.

Among the attendees, spoke to these two individuals who shared their excitement about what we do: