The Ethereum network will conduct a protocol upgrade and the Ethereum mainnet Istanbul Hard Fork is scheduled to occur at Block 9069000, which is expected to arrive at roughly 7 December 2100 UTC (You may refer to the countdown timer here, and the official announcement here). will support the hard fork and is preparing for all possible risks and impact and we will be managing all technical requirements for our users.

Our planned course of action: We will increase the number of confirmations required to make a deposit or withdrawal from 30 confirmations to 300 confirmations for a short period until the network stabilizes.

Note: For the security of your assets, we may pause deposits and withdrawals of ETH as well as ERC-20 tokens (including MCO and CRO) supported by the App and Exchange, before and during the intended hard fork.

The team will continue to closely monitor the developments of this hard fork and will keep our users updated.