Referral Link and Registration Flow Revised, Crypto Invest User Interface Improved, and Hide Balance Feature Enabled.

App update version 3.11 for iOS and Android 

Simplified referral code entry and email sign up: Friends of referrers can now conveniently get on the Wallet & Card App with an improved and streamlined referral link and registration flow by linking your referral code to their email account upon registration.

How it works: Your friend receives and clicks on your referral link, is redirected to a website with your referral code pre-filled. They key in their email, are prompted to download the App, and proceed to complete registration with your code associated with their account.

Note: This is valid for 24 hours - after which the step to key in their email will need to be repeated. The terms and conditions of the Platinum Referral Rewards program remain unchanged.

Crypto Invest improved user interface: The display of Crypto Invest has been refined with several changes. The portfolio breakdown now shows the top 5 coins, amount and allocation. In addition, when the trading strategies involve hedging, users will be able to see it under holdings.

Note: The current price and last 24-hour performance of the top coins have been removed and can be seen in Track Coins.

Hide balances: Users can now choose to show or hide their balances by tapping on the “eye” icon on top of their total balance on both the Home page and Crypto Wallet page. Once a user taps to “hide” balance, the amount of coins held, total value of each coin, and the overall performance will be concealed.

App update version 3.11 now available for iOS and Android.