Stake ATOM and earn up to 10% p.a.

Following the successful beta launch of Cosmos Staking in DeFi Earn, is excited to announce that the DeFi Wallet Validator Node is now available for staking as the primary validator node. Stake and earn ATOM tokens with an estimated return of 7 to 10% p.a. without any prior delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS) knowledge!

DeFi Wallet Validator is built on the secure and high-performing Bison Trails infrastructure. Users can now stake ATOM or redelegate their ATOM Stake to our DeFi Wallet node with the following benefits:

  • Stake and earn 7-10% p.a.
  • Re-stake rewards to compound interest
  • Lower commission fees of 4% at initial launch
  • Continue earning without a rebonding period with our one-click redelegation feature

Cosmos is a decentralised network enabling interoperability between independent blockchains.  It allows users to stake and earn ATOM tokens through the DPoS consensus protocol, where they can delegate their ATOM tokens to a trusted validator. Validators run nodes to verify on-chain transactions and earn block rewards in return, which are then distributed to delegators after taking a validator fee.

Visit our FAQ for more details.

Please note that the Cosmos Network requires a 21-day unbonding period if you unstake. During this period, your tokens cannot be used or moved, and will not accrue interest.

Maximise your ATOM HODLing with us. Stake ATOM and start earning now.