Seamlessly swap ERC20 tokens with lower network fees and higher liquidity

We’re pleased to announce that DeFi Wallet Swap is integrated with the decentralised exchange (DEX) aggregator, 1inch V3. Users can now seamlessly swap 200+ ERC20 tokens with lower network fees and higher liquidity directly via the built-in Swap function in the DeFi Wallet App (requires V1.13.0 or above).

1inch is a DEX aggregation protocol solution that searches for the best deals across 50+  liquidity sources. The 1inch V3 API incorporates Pathfinder, a cutting-edge discovery and routing algorithm, which offers asset exchanges with lower network fees, the highest value of liquidity available, and a leading security infrastructure that’s proven and audited.

What’s more, we also recently added 80+ tokens to the DeFi Wallet, bringing the total number of supported tokens to over 200.

Swap Now

Note: To carry out transactions, users must have sufficient ETH funds in their DeFi Wallet to use for gas fees. DeFi Wallet charges a 0.3% service fee on the corresponding swap amount for transactions made using the 1inch V3 integration.

For more details about DeFi Wallet Swap, please visit our FAQ.