The migration of BTC to the new token infrastructure is now complete, improving speed, security and compatibility. Users can now enjoy:

  • Automated BTC withdrawals: Withdrawal requests will be processed without human intervention once our advanced risk system approves them, reducing the processing time from +1 working day to approximately 1 hour, subject to network conditions.
  • Withdraw BTC to any address type: Customers may now withdraw to any Bitcoin address types, including SegWit addresses.
  • Spend BTC securely: Customers can now spend their BTC from SegWit address, which is considered more secure than from legacy addresses.
  • Deposit to P2SH-wrapped segwit addresses: Users can still deposit from legacy wallet providers who do not support native SegWit addresses yet, and be assured their funds stay in safely.
  • Note: With this change of infrastructure, users’ BTC Wallet deposit addresses have changed. Please check any previously stored/saved address locations and update to the new BTC address, which starts with 3. The current addresses will be phased out by 30 April.