Limited Time Offer - You and your friend both get $50 USD bonus

(Update - This program has been updated - this article provides a record of the original post - Full details can be found here: )

Today, we launch our BG50 - Both Get $50 referral program that provides some of the richest rewards ever seen in a referral program. Both referrers and their friends receive a $50 USD bonus (in MCO) with each successful sign-up and valid transaction*. Our team designed a simplified referral program that focuses on the sharing of rewards based on our community’s feedback.

The BG50 referral program packs these key features:

  • No referral limits - You can refer as many friends as possible; you and your friends will each get $50 USD in MCO equivalent after they complete their first valid transaction.
  • Anyone can participate - Available for all eligible App users, no MCO Token staking required (update) to refer friends.
  • Bonus credited instantly - Your friends can use their sign-up bonus immediately after they make a valid transaction (purchase crypto via credit/debit card or bank transfer) on the App.

We will continue to honor the referral commission for all your referrals prior to the launch of the BG50 referral program. For new and future referrals (effective 15 July at 8:00am UTC), you will get $50 USD (in MCO) when your referrals complete their valid transaction in lieu of referral commission.

Updated Notes:
*Valid transaction - Buy crypto with credit/debit card or bank transfer. Update - the definition of a valid transaction has been amend to: User must stake at least 50 MCO to receive the reward (MCO Visa Card Reservation).

Limited time offer. reserves the right to change the terms or cancel the BG50 referral program at its discretion.

App update version 3.28 now available for iOS and Android.