Transfer and mint NFTs, send and stake CRO, and more

We are pleased to officially introduce the Chain Desktop Wallet. It is a public, open-source wallet, with its first beta version launched in February 2021. The Desktop Wallet supports both the Chain and Cronos, which mainnet beta launched on 8 November.

On the Chain, users can perform all sorts of transactions, including sending, receiving, and staking their tokens. They can also cast votes on different proposals to keep enriching and improving the chain.

NFT features are fully supported, where users can manage all their NFT Collections and mint their own NFT with ease.

On Cronos, users can manage their assets on Cronos, and migrate CRO between Chain and Cronos via IBC bridge.

Other key features include:

  • Ledger support
  • Validator selections
  • Multi-currency support

The Desktop Wallet is now available on Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. For details, please refer to our homepage.

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