Everything about Crypto.com excites you — you’re passionate about our products and have been a strong supporter of our brand — if this sounds like you, you might just be what we’re looking for in an ambassador!

We are searching for volunteers to become Crypto.com Ambassadors. The ambassadors will be a lively and enthusiastic bunch who spreads cheer and looks after the community as it grows.

As a Crypto.com Ambassador, you will:

  • Enlighten and help guide new users on social media or community channels
  • Assist in moderating social media and community channels
  • Help with the localisation of content
  • Host official meetups and social networking events in your local community
  • Connect with other ambassadors to spread the word about Crypto.com
  • Be among the first to test product beta version
  • Attend selected major crypto industry events with the Crypto.com team
  • Get official Crypto.com swag
  • Get together with senior management members of Crypto.com and ambassadors at exclusive gatherings

Ambassador Selection Criteria

Location: Anywhere

Guidelines: Lively and communicative; passionate about all things Crypto.com

Apply here!