Earn up to 8% p.a. on your MCO allocations starting today

Since the launch of Crypto Earn, the single most frequently asked for feature was MCO support. Effective today, all Earn users will be able to enjoy up to 8% p.a. on their MCO allocations. This includes US residents in 37 eligible states.

In preparation for our upcoming US card launch, we’re also updating the terms of CRO Token Airdrop.

We have been performing CRO Token Airdrops on a monthly basis since December 2018, in line with the CRO Whitepaper.  These airdrops served to recognize our longstanding MCO community and further expanded the CRO network. As set out in the CRO Whitepaper, 10% of all CRO created was set aside for airdrops to MCO Token Holders and for community development (“Community Development Allocation”). Going forward, the remaining CRO from the Community Development Allocation will solely go to community development.


  • Conclude CRO airdrop to MCO Token Holders effective June 25th, 2019.
  • All CRO Tokens already allocated and distributed via airdrop since December 2018 are unaffected by this announcement and will be unlocked on schedule to eligible users.
  • All CRO Tokens remaining in the Community Development Allocation will continue to be released as per the original schedule in the CRO Whitepaper.

We will continue to monitor market developments, with the support of our legal and other professional advisors.

Note: If you start allocating MCO into Crypto Earn now, you will not lose the airdrops you have accumulated for the past 7 months. The CRO Tokens that are already allocated to you will not be affected.