is thrilled to introduce two new features for the DeFi Wallet: Multi-Wallets and Ethereum Testnet Support.

With the Multi-Wallets feature, users can now have more than one wallet on their DeFi Wallet app by creating new wallets or importing existing wallets. Users can also select which wallet from their DeFi Wallet they wish to connect to the App.  

In addition to owning multiple wallets, users can change their wallet network from Mainnet to Ethereum Testnets (Ropsten, Kovan, Rinkeby, and Goerli), starting today, with more Testnets to be added later.

With Ethereum Testnet support, DeFi Wallet users can easily perform test transactions on the Testnet blockchain without the risk of losing their real funds. Testnet coins carry no value and cannot be used for real-world transactions.

Visit our FAQ for more details on Multi-Wallets and Ethereum Testnet Support. DeFi Wallet is the best place to securely manage and swap DeFi tokens. Launched earlier this year, it gives users full ownership of their private keys, offering them convenient access to our decentralized finance ecosystem powered by CRO.

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*Requires App version 1.2.0 for both iOS and Android.