Join the Photo contest in our Nordics Telegram Community for a chance to win USD up to $100 in CRO!

Submissions start today! Voting begins on the 28th of May.


The Contest prize pool consist of a total of $250 in CRO

  • 3 Photo Prizes, worth respectively $50, $30 and $20 in CRO
  • 5 Voter Prizes, worth $25 in CRO each
  • 1 Bonus Photo Prize, worth $50 in CRO

How to participate?

1. Have a App account (Don’t have a account yet? → Register here)

2. Join the Nordics Telegram Community

3. Join the Contest as a Contestant or as a Voter

Participating as a Contestant

Sign up on the form shared in the Nordics Telegram Community and enter your submission(s) during the Submission Period. Any in any way related submissions will be eligible to be voted on by the members of the community in the subsequent rounds.

Participating as a Voter

Wait for the Submission Period to end and vote on the submitted entries via the link shared in the Nordics Telegram Community.

The Contest consists of three phases. First phase will start on May 24 10:00 UTC - Submission Period.

The second phase will start on May 28 10:00 UTC - this phase closes the submissions and the community may begin voting on the entries.

The third phase will start on June 1 10:00 UTC - in this phase only the 5 most voted entries will remain. The Contest ends on June 2 15:00 UTC.

The ultimate winner of the Contest wins $50 in CRO. The runner-up gets $30 in CRO and the third place finisher will be awarded $20 worth of CRO. Additionally, we’ll allocate $50 in CRO for the picture containing the highest amount of Visa Cards on display - Bonus Photo Prize.

In addition, we’ll reward 5 random voters from a $100 CRO prize pool. If you have won a photo prize, you are not eligible to win the voter prize, but the bonus category winner can also win in the best picture category.

Terms and conditions

  • No Purchase Necessary to enter or win a Prize in this Contest. A purchase will not increase your chances of winning. Void where prohibited by law
  • By accepting the prize, winners agree to the Privacy Notice of, which is published at
  • reserves the right to cancel or amend the campaign rules at our sole discretion.
  • The contest is sponsored by MCO Malta DAX Limited, a company incorporated under the laws of Malta) (“” or “Sponsor”)
  • The Prize Winners will be notified by receiving a direct mention from Staff in the Telegram Community