We have been working to improve the Crypto.org Chain with new features and upgrades since its launch last month. Our plans for the network in the coming months can be found on our intergalactic roadmap.

To further develop the network, we are introducing several initiatives funded by the Crypto.org Chain Ecosystem Grants Programme:

  1. Simple Code Bounty Programme
  2. Bug Bounty Programme
  3. Awesome Projects Rewards Programme
  4. Ecosystem Grants Programme

The details of each programme are as follows:

1. Simple Code Bounty Programme

Applicable Scope: Smaller features, libraries, and bug fixes for open source projects

The Simple Code Bounty Programme will fund smaller-scale contributions to open source projects that directly benefit our chain and ecosystem development, such as:

  • Feature requests and bug fixes for libraries we are using
  • Implement a library that we are using
  • Feature requests for our own open-source projects

How to Get Involved:
Crypto.org and Particle B will create a bounty programme on related GitHub issues. To be considered for this programme, developers and project owners can also email their proposals to [email protected]

2. Bug Bounty Programme

Applicable Scope: Crypto.org Chain chain-main and Tendermint

Currently, our HackerOne Bug Bounty Programme covers this scope. It is actively accepting new reports.

To apply, please find more details on our HackerOne page and submit the report there directly.

3. Awesome Projects Rewards Programme

The Awesome Project Rewards Programme allows community members to share and showcase their Crypto.org Chain projects. Rewards will be granted to projects that greatly benefit the community.

To be considered for this programme, the project must:

  • Benefit a group of or all community members
  • Not promote particular validators

To get involved, please refer to this page and submit your contribution accordingly.

4. Ecosystem Grants Programme

Applicable scope: Medium to Large scale projects

The Ecosystem Grants Programme targets medium to large-scale and self-contained projects, and is open to general application. It involves a more comprehensive evaluation of the projects and teams, with feedback from Particle B and the community via GitHub Discussions page and on-chain governance.

Grants are approved in multiple phases. Projects that are beneficial to the ecosystem and have great potential are usually granted initial funding to support the development of an MVP. If the MVP receives positive feedback from the community, it may be further funded to continue its development.

Application Details for the Ecosystem Grants Programme:

  1. Start a new discussion on the Crypto.org Chain GitHub Discussions page.
  2. Anyone from the community can comment, discuss, and evaluate the proposal based on the criteria listed in the Evaluation Criteria section.
  3. Particle B and Crypto.org Chain team will evaluate the proposal based on the public feedback and the Evaluation Criteria.
  4. The proposal that gets early positive feedback from Particle B can submit a governance proposal on-chain to ask for funds.
  5. The proposal gets approved by on-chain governance.
  6. Particle B communicates with the project team to discuss technical details and draft the agreement.
  7. The project kicks off.
  8. Regular progress updates are carried out to evaluate whether the grant will be released.
  9. The grant is released in phases and the project is completed.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Impact
    How will the project benefit our chain and ecosystem?
    How does the project differentiate versus similar projects (if applicable)?
  • Execution
    What is the team size?
    What is the reputation of the team/company/organisation implementing the project?
  • Timeline
    Is the implementation timeline reasonable#?
    Does the roadmap fit broadly into the Crypto.org Chain roadmap?
  • Budget
    Is the budget plan reasonable#?

# Timeline and budget shall be evaluated based on the scope of the project, alignment with public expectation and Crypto.org Chain roadmap, team size and other criteria.

GitHub Discussion Proposal Template

  • Contact*
  • Team/Company Name (if any)
  • Team/Company Website (if any)
  • Project Description*
  • Project Category*
  • How will the project benefit the Crypto.org Chain and its ecosystem?*
  • What is the timeline for implementing the project?*
  • Budget Plan*
  • Project Status*
  • Idea and Proposal
  • MVP
  • Beta
  • Official Launch

*Mandatory information.


  • Other projects and events that could help to build the Crypto.org Chain ecosystem are welcome;
  • Grants will be given on a case-by-case basis;
  • To apply, please email [email protected].

Join our Crypto.org Chain Discord channel to stay in touch with our team and connect with the community.

For more information, developer tools, ecosystem development information, and (in the near future) network governance matters, please visit crypto.org or reach out to us at [email protected]