Following our research on the rise of DeFi, we worked with Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and surveyed 400+ financial institutions. A surprising 86% of them are assessing services on a DeFi framework. The services with the top focus were asset management/payment processing.

#1 86% of Companies are assessing or implementing services built on a decentralized framework.

#2 Larger financial institutions are more likely to adopt DeFi and realize first mover advantages because they can afford more risk.

#3 To facilitate faster, more secure, payment processing services, 38% of companies have turned to DeFi.

#4 From the companies surveyed 70% of them have security concerns over fraud.

#5 DeFi will open up new revenue streams for 67% of the companies that responded.

#6 The lack of regulation was a major challenge for 61% of respondents.

#7 An existing consortium, platform, application, or service is being used by 39% to implement DeFi collaboratively, from the companies implementing DeFi

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