Blockchain Fundraising Platform Powered by CRO

New digital assets will be listed on Exchange using “The Syndicate” -’s fundraising platform. Coin (CRO) holders will receive priority token allocation for these events.

Commitments will never charge any listing fees. Instead, it will help projects raise capital they need to continue building critical infrastructure. The listing Project will provide an allocation of their own token for sale to Exchange users with up to a 50% discount. All proceeds from the sale will be passed back to the Projects.

Benefits to  Projects
Besides the capital raised and access to 1m+ users on the platform, new projects listing on the Exchange via The Syndicate will have the benefit of increasing the utility of their coin: spend via our card, earn interest on their coin, use it as a collateral for instant loans, use it on the Pay network.

It’s an incredibly powerful value proposition and we intend to make it a win-win for both the projects and the community.

Token Distribution

  • Exchange users will be able to buy the Project Tokens only using CRO tokens.
  • Maximum Allocation of Project Tokens will depend on CRO Staked

Oversubscription: If the total pledged amount is above the total project allocation, the user will receive a prorated amount based on the pledged amount.