On the importance of the world’s transition to cryptocurrency

Technology has given humanity many benefits in recent decades, making our personal and professional lives more productive, enjoyable and rewarding.  

But as this technological advance continues, we as a society must make some important and far-reaching decisions about the role that technology plays in our lives and how we govern the data it produces.

We believe that it’s your basic human right to control your money, data and identity.

Blockchain technology, and the cryptocurrencies built on it, can help shift the balance of power back to individuals and away from overreaching institutions.

At Crypto.com, we are laser-focused on developing highly secure, user-friendly products that help more people benefit from the power of crypto. We will build, support and invest in products that give users the control of their money, data and identity back.

Time for Plan ₿ highlights the importance the world’s transition to cryptocurrency. It’s time we all contribute to protect basic human rights for this and future generations.

It’s Time for Plan ₿.