Limited Time Offer - You and your friend both get $50 USD bonus

(UPDATED 17 July)

Following the overwhelming response to our BG50 referral program, we would like to thank everyone for introducing to your friends!

Our Both Get $50 referral program provides some of the richest rewards ever seen in the industry. Both referrers and their referred friends receive a $50 USD bonus (in CRO) with each successful sign-up and valid transaction on the App (purchase crypto via credit/debit card or bank transfer and staking at least 5,000 CRO).

Today, we have updated the terms of the program as follows:

  • Valid Transaction Definition: User must stake at least 500 CRO to receive the reward (metal MCO Visa Card Reservation).

The updated BG50 program takes effect today, July 17, 2019 at 11:50am UTC. Upon the update:

  • All valid referrals prior to the program update will still be honored with the $50 USD bonus (i.e. your friend has made a valid purchase).
  • Referrals that have yet to make a transaction at the time of the program update will be subjected to the new terms of the BG50 program.

We will continue iterating on the terms of our program to make sure it serves its purpose of supporting brand advocacy.

(UPDATED 26 July)

The intention of revamping our referral program was to provide easy to understand incentive for our community to advocate to their friends without limits. The initial BG50 offer drove a response that was unsustainable and was modified to drive the behavior we were seeking - the staking of CRO for MCO Visa Cards. As such, we need to close out the previous iterations and move forward as follows:

Closeout of Previous Referral Programs

BG50 Initial Version
: All referrers whose friends carried out a valid crypto purchase transaction during the limited time period have had their $50 USD bonus credited to their CRO Wallet. Check this in the App under Rewards > Referral Bonus.

Platinum Referral Rewards: Referees whose sign-up bonuses are due following the 90-day locking period under the previous program will receive their bonuses (without the need to perform a valid transaction). The bonuses will be credited directly to their CRO Wallet on the month the bonus is due to unlock:

- Bonuses due to unlock in July will be credited next week.
- Bonuses due to be unlocked in August and September will be credited during the middle of each respective month.

Referral Program Early Supporters: Referees whose $10 USD sign-up bonuses were due upon MCO Visa Card activation have received their bonuses in their CRO Wallets. Those that have either conducted a crypto transaction (bought crypto with credit/debit card or bank transfer) or reserved a metal card have been credited this sign-up bonus.

Those that have not made a crypto purchase or reserved a metal card to date, have their bonus locked in their CRO Wallet. This can be unlocked by staking 500 CRO or more (reserving a metal MCO Visa Card).