Allocate and receive the best returns on your DeFi tokens

DeFi Earn is now integrated with Yearn Earn V2, in addition to Compound and Cosmos Staking (requires DeFi Wallet V1.7.0 or above). With DeFi Earn, users can earn passive income while retaining full control of their crypto. It currently supports 12 tokens, including ATOM, BAT, COMP, DAI, ETH, UNI, USDC, USDT, WBTC, ZRX, SUSD, and TUSD.

Voted as the second most-wanted protocol, Yearn Earn is a lending aggregator that optimises the rewards accrual process across multiple protocols to obtain the highest rates at all times. Allocations are automatically shifted between dYdX, AAVE, and Compound as rates change.

With our native in-app integration, users can start accruing rewards instantly upon receiving on-chain confirmation, as well as conveniently view their rewards-bearing synthetic ytoken assets and consolidated estimated earnings. There is no minimum term, and users can withdraw their Yearn allocation with the accrued rewards at any time. applies 0.5% service fee on the corresponding earnings for each withdrawal.

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