Custom luxury sneaker company’s e-marketplace to implement Pay

YSNEAKERS will implement Pay

Today, we are delighted to announce our collaboration with YSNEAKERS, a custom luxury sneaker brand, to implement Pay on their e-marketplace.

After you design your dream sneakers on the YSNEAKERS platform, you can take your shiny new kicks home by paying with a cryptocurrency of your choice — simply scan a QR code with your Wallet & Card App. has been on a mission to accelerate the world's transition to cryptocurrency by making it spendable in everyday life. YSNEAKERS is the second merchant to adopt Pay after Ledger signed an MOU with us back in December 2018.

With our Pay solution powered by the Chain, our goal is to transform the payment experience for merchants by enabling them to accept crypto for payments, enjoy zero processing fees and offer customers network funded discounts.

On the YSNEAKERS e-marketplace, you are given the freedom to choose from 5 sextillion possible designs (that is 5 with 21 zeros!) and then visualize your creation on a 3D Customizer. Now with Pay you also have the flexibility and convenience to make secure crypto payments and at the same time enjoy generous cashback.

YSNEAKERS previously collaborated with K-pop groups, including Girls’ Generation and EXO-CBX to launch limited edition sneakers designed by the beloved K-pop stars. We too will be launching a line of exclusive branded shoes.

Read the full press release here

Stay tuned and join us in welcoming YSNEAKERS to the community, and to the future of online shopping.

The Team